Useful Information

Handy Competition Information Booklet (courtesy of Jason Milbank (4th Dan))
Judo SA Grading and Kata Policy Document (ratified 10/12/2017)
Junior Black and Shodan Grading Syllabus (ratified 02/06/2019)
Ni Dan (2nd Dan) to Roku Dan (6th Dan) Grading Syllabus (ratified 21/08/2019)
Awarding of Points (for Grading) Table (ratified 10/12/2017)
2017 Judo SA Registration and Tournament fees
Adaption of the IJF Rules for the next 2017-2020 Olympic Cycle
International Judo Federation (IJF) Rules 2014-2016
International Judo Federation (IJF) Refereeing Rules
JSA Referees Policy Document